Sunday, December 15, 2013

Again: programming for kids

“The Einstein Code- programming for kids" Free download

I started writing a computer game. I write this computer game in Game Maker. The theme of the game will be : Miruna learn programming . The game will be free. I've thought it would be good to include four levels. An alien came to Earth accidentally . Alien UFO has strayed that came. In each level , Miruna must help him find the way to the alien 's ship . The road is full of dangers . At each level of the game, Miruna must choose between several instructions written in Martian . Martians language consists of instructions written in pseudocode language . I already downloaded background images , characters and images. I want now to look for the right music. I think that in less than a week will be ready . I'll post the link here. If my daughter will love the game, I will complete. It will contain obviously variable, " IF " statement, " REPEAT " statement. Kids can learn programming . Up to us to find the right path. It is not easy but not impossible either . Preschool is right to start. The sooner , the better. Today I played with my daughter a game: we have four dolls of varying heights. They are placed at random in a row. We must to sit in increasing order of their size. in the second row. We take the first doll and count how many dolls are smaller than. If there are two smaller than her doll will sit in second place in the sequence sorted ascending. And repeat the same for the second doll , etc. . Obviously, it is a particular type of sorting. I repeated it, but this time using apples. He retained the mechanism. It is important that my daughter Miruna visualize algorithms, and what actually happens during an algorithm. In this case, a sorting algorithm. I want to introduce the notion of vector in this way , the notion of position in the vector. I am convinced that all Kids can learn programming. See my ebook “The Einstein Code” here

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