Friday, December 13, 2013

Miruna learn to code

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All kids need to learn programming
This has to start at very young ages . My daughter Miruna , aged five years , began to think in terms of " IF " and " WHILE " . If you finish homework , you can play with dolls. While you are sick , you should not eat ice cream . I thought to write a story for her, and for kids around the world. With my wife , Andrea, I wrote this story : “Miruna learn to code”. Is a story in which the symbols used in flowcharts are magical signs, the variables are boxes, and so on. This is the first story. Others will follow . For example, a story in which magical signs form a magical map ( a flow chart ). This map should be read and interpreted in order to escape from the evil dragon. Step by step , we get to perform simple objects to which we attach methods. From the beginning, all this will be in the form of stories and games. In my experience over 15 years as a professor of computer science, both at primary school and high school , I think this is possible. In everyday life, both us and our kids, we must make decisions based on the answer to a question, or to perform the same task several times (so repetitive actions ). Is a mistake not learn programming at low ages .
Programming helps us to think organized to take the best decisions at a time. Programming gives us results when looking for all solutions to a problem, or you want to choose the best solution from several possible solutions. By programming we develop algorithmic thinking, rational thinking. A computer program is a very clear set of logical instructions, arranged in a certain order, which have a beginning and an end. I hope that through this ebook, to help kids to love this fantasy world, the world of computer programs.
How kids learn to code: in the same way that an adult learning program. Must understand the notion of algorithm, the notion of "IF", the notion of repetitive instruction. But especially kids learn through stories. So, let's write stories about these notions. Then we can build a map. Let's invent a story based on this map. I know many kids who have asked me: we want to make computer games. Kids are fascinated by stories and computer games. Let us join efforts to combine business with pleasure. While reading a story or playing on the computer, they learn something useful. Making a computer program must become as easy and natural as reading and writing. See my ebook “The Einstein Code”  here

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