Saturday, December 14, 2013

My daughter Miruna - learn to code

“The Einstein Code- programming for kids" Free download

Every kid can learn programming . It can happen with the condition to be fun . What is fun for kids ? The stories are fun. Games are fun. Cartoons are fun. We must create a world of kids include the basics of programming in stories , games, cartoons , and why not , singing and painting . A simple example : how can I interchange the values ​ of two variables . Obviously , the method glasses. I explained to my daughter , Miruna : I have two glasses , a glass of water and a glass of juice . How to put water in the glass of juice and vice versa, but without losing water or juice. I need the third glass . Obviously , an empty glass . You need to empty water glass in the blank , and then have to empty the glass of juice in the naked , etc. . In other words, we have two variables "a" and " b " . Initially a = 3 and b = 7 . I need a third variable " c". First : c = a ( c = 3 ) . After that , a = b (a = 7). Finally , b = c ( b = 3 ) . The basics of programming must be explained naturally in children's language . This must happen at very young ages. Make a computer program must become as natural as reading, writing, singing . Kids loves to spend many hours in front of the computer . My daughter does not know yet to write and read (a little known, but not well-known yet). But, she like cartoons and fairy tales and princesses. Therefore, I have introduced in my ebook "Miruna learn to code", some magical signs. These signs are representations of the concepts of flow charts (variables, "if", "while"). I think increasingly longer to write a computer game based on the story (perhaps in Game Maker). See my ebook “The Einstein Code” here

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